Letter soup (or: this is gonna be pricey)

Last week we were all finishing up an annoying, snuffly cold.  After work one day I decided to ditch whatever dinner plan I’d had and get some nice Campbell’s soup to serve with grilled-cheese sandwiches.  No, we haven’t switched to gluten-free bread yet; I’ll keep you posted.  The alphabet soup I’d picked up had gluten too, but it was a hit with the mini-dudes.  That was the most nag-free, non-pureed vegetables they’ve eaten in months.  “I’m eating D for Daddy!” etc. etc. 

There’s been a huge growth in gluten-free products in recent years.  Even our ghetto Safeway has a few GF pastas and stuff.  But gluten-free canned alphabet soup has not yet made the market.  Too trashy for the health food crowd?  Well, it’s usually too trashy for ME, but I’m willing to make some concessions for picky, letter-learning boys–especially if I can make it myself.

Lo and behold, gluten-free alphabet noodles exist!  They cost a billion dollars–OK, $6.84, which isn’t bad, plus $11.95 for shipping, which is annoying; I’m going to ask our local co-op to carry them.  They came today.  And tonight I made gluten-free alphabet soup, with real broth and fresh veggies.  The boys ate more letters than zucchini, but it’s a good start.


About Lissa

I love bread, cake, cookies, pasta and all other forms of wheat. One of my twin boys has celiac disease. We'll make it work. As of spring 2011, I'm the mother of one 1-year-old and two 2-year-olds. I'm a full-time math teacher and full-time parent, a liberal feminist with a traditional streak, an above-average cook but not a foodie, a native midwesterner and happy Seattleite. I'd love to feed my family local, organic food, but I'd also like to pay the mortgage.
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2 Responses to Letter soup (or: this is gonna be pricey)

  1. Sarah says:

    I hope that either PCC or Whole Foods will be willing to order the alphabet letters, because $7 for pasta is bad enough…

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