wheatless in seattle

After a gastroenterology appointment earlier this week, I took the little man to Wheatless in Seattle, where he was pleased to hear that everything in the store was “good for [his] tummy.”  He chose a bacon-maple mini-doughnut.  I had one too.  It was good, and not just “for gluten-free.” 

And then I bought the remaining 7 from the case.  I let him have another and took the rest home for their dinner and breakfast.  It felt a little ridiculous, but it was so nice to see him eating! happily! every bite! that I just couldn’t stop myself.

It’s not going to keep me from baking, though.  We live on the opposite end of the city, so we can’t just zip to this bakery every morning, but it’s definitely worth the trip at least once a month.  We’ll figure out what freezes well.  And they’re starting to sell to our local co-op, so I’ll investigate those options.  I’m going to guess, though, that the maple-bacon doughnuts aren’t the first thing they’ll stock.  Too bad.

About Lissa

I love bread, cake, cookies, pasta and all other forms of wheat. One of my twin boys has celiac disease. We'll make it work. As of spring 2011, I'm the mother of one 1-year-old and two 2-year-olds. I'm a full-time math teacher and full-time parent, a liberal feminist with a traditional streak, an above-average cook but not a foodie, a native midwesterner and happy Seattleite. I'd love to feed my family local, organic food, but I'd also like to pay the mortgage.
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2 Responses to wheatless in seattle

  1. Jenn L says:

    That place is not too far from my house. I could easily be convinced to stop by and pick stuff up for you when I visit.

    • Lissa says:

      🙂 We went on Saturday and they had all this frou-frou stuff: cupcakes with rose- flavored icing, rosemary chocolate cake. Which is awesome, because GF folks deserve to have interesting options too (and those items were pretty dang tasty), but the dudes would really have preferred, like, an Easter Bunny cookie.

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