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more treats that are good for our tummies

Before my boys were born, I used to go to Great Harvest Bread Company almost every week for a loaf of their honey whole wheat bread.  It makes the best peanut butter and jelly, great grilled cheese, even decent rustic French … Continue reading

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the holy grail [recipe: gluten-free chicken nuggets]

I’ll admit it: sometimes my kids eat at McDonald’s when we’re out and about.  They like McNuggets, I like calm children, peace prevails in the minivan.  Our celiac diagnosis has forced us to plan ahead more for weekend lunches.  We have … Continue reading

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if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem

Even for twins, our boys have always been pretty tiny.  They’ve been riding the first or 0.5th percentile for quite a while now, sometimes even lower.  With less than two months to go before their third birthday, they’re still well below … Continue reading

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pizza, improved

My brother sent me a new GF pizza crust recipe a few weeks ago.  We liked it so well, I’ve made it three times already.  Forget the Bob’s, all hail the Chebe!  You start with a Chebe bread mix, add rice flour, eggs, … Continue reading

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silver lining #3: humor

These days whenever they’re suspicious of a food we’re asking them to try, the boys won’t say they don’t like it.  No, they’re clever: “That broccoli’s not good for my tummy.  It has too much wheat in it.”

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a link and a promise

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I ran an evening workshop for 20 tutors and two days later an evening event, dinner included, for 500 folks from the school where I work.  I had my first-ever night away from … Continue reading

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