more treats that are good for our tummies

Before my boys were born, I used to go to Great Harvest Bread Company almost every week for a loaf of their honey whole wheat bread.  It makes the best peanut butter and jelly, great grilled cheese, even decent rustic French toast.  But of course, children change everything (is it too cliche to actually type that?).  Once they came along we started getting most of our groceries delivered.  And now, naturally, we have even less use for a big chewy loaf of honey whole wheat.  Great Harvest fell off my radar.

This weekend, though, a friend and I took the kids to the West Seattle Farmers Market.  After we’d purchased our tomato plants and cheese and spring greens, we wandered off around the neighborhood.  And in the window of the Great Harvest there, we saw a big sign: GLUTEN-FREE.  We went in.  There were 17 different options for things the boys could eat!  Turns out, the owner of that particular franchise and her daughter both have to eat gluten-free, so they started baking GF products in addition to the world’s best honey whole wheat.  I’m sure I should be a little suspicious since they make the wheaty stuff and the GF stuff in the same facility, but they seem to do pretty well at keeping it segregated.

Plus, they have nice normal, kid-friendly treats like chocolate cupcakes and raspberry scones.

Plus, they’re good.

Plus, they have decent chai for Mama.

Plus, they have an abundant toy box and book bin in the corner.

I can bake all kinds of GF treats, but it sure is nice to have a new place to head on a dreary, rainy Saturday afternoon.

Great Harvest Bread Co.
4709 California Ave. S.W.
Seattle, WA 98116

About Lissa

I love bread, cake, cookies, pasta and all other forms of wheat. One of my twin boys has celiac disease. We'll make it work. As of spring 2011, I'm the mother of one 1-year-old and two 2-year-olds. I'm a full-time math teacher and full-time parent, a liberal feminist with a traditional streak, an above-average cook but not a foodie, a native midwesterner and happy Seattleite. I'd love to feed my family local, organic food, but I'd also like to pay the mortgage.
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  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh! Let us know when you want us to meet you there! We LOVE Great Harvest!

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